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Naslov: GT Academy 2012Objavljeno dne: 08.05.12 13:03  

Twin Ring Motegi to Appear in GT Academy 2012?

A very interesting new screenshot emerged today on German video game news site PlayFront, in an article they posted about GT Academy 2012. Included with a batch of various promotional images is one screenshot labeled “Round_8_Twin Ring Motegi East Short Course”, which you can see above.

GT Academy’s PR teams in North America and Europe have been steadily releasing screenshots on their respective Facebook pages of different tracks that will be featured in the 2012 mini-game’s time trials, but so far, they’ve only shown circuits from Gran Turismo 5. As you likely already know, no variation of the Twin Ring Motegi circuit been seen since Gran Turismo PSP, making this a potentially very exciting revelation.

First spotted and tipped to GTPlanet this morning by “hrusa2″, it is plausible PlayFront simply re-published a German press release’s material without realizing the significance of that particular image.

The screenshot appears to be unique when compared to other games, including previous Gran Turismo titles and iRacing, which recently added the circuit to their simulator. It is also worth noting that Twin Ring Motegi’s logo was one of over 25 new circuits discovered on Polyphony Digital’s GT5 website last year. Twin Ring Motegi is also home to the one-and-only Gran Turismo Café, a GT-themed restaurant which opened in 2009.