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Ogled teme: Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit

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Naslov: Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit Objavljeno dne: 03.06.12 22:29  

For the past 6 years OBUTTO has lead the way in providing gamers & computer users a more comfortable way to use their computers. With the OBUTTO gaming cockpit thousands of hardcore gamers discovered they could actually be comfortable during those long gaming sessions. Also, their controllers (ie steering wheels, yokes, flight sticks, pedals) could be attached to their cockpits to provide a level of immersion never found before. While there were other sim-racing cockpits available on the market, the OBUTTO oZone gaming cockpit was the first and still is the only cockpit to provide full ergonomic use of your computer's keyboard & mouse.

After many years of exceeding the customers expectations with a reasonably priced gaming cockpit, we now would like to introduce our newest cockpit..... Obutto R3Volution

Obutto spent the past 1.5yrs making the original cockpit even better! More aggressive design, more adjustability, and yes even more stability! As you can see this is a completely different cockpit designed from the ground up!

1.real car sports seat with a slight tilt

2.very stable steel frame with 2mm thick walled tubing

3.fully articulating keyboard & mouse tray for optimal positioning

4.includes a self adhesive mouse pad material for covering all of keyboard & mouse tray

5.separate monitor stand to accommodate any monitors from 19" to 55"

6.main monitor mount has fully articulating arm with approx 25cm of travel

7.foot or pedal tray with angle & over 20cm of distance adjustability

8.tall shifter mount to accommodate major H-pattern shifters

9.steering wheel mount is pre-drilled for major controllers

10.steering wheel mount is pre-drilled with 75x75 & 100x100 VESA bolt patterns so displays can be mounted

11.steering wheel mount is height, distance and tilt adjustable

12.includes a 1.5mm thick self adhesive neoprene for steering wheel mount & pedal tray (this softens the interface between the controllers and the steel mount, making it more comfortable, and allowing your devices to remain in pristine condition)

13.hidden wire management through the front spine of the cockpit

•The OBUTTO R3Volution cockpit transforms the way we race! Designed for achieving a proper race driving position, this new uber cockpit delivers much more. Not only can you be hugely immersed in your sim, but you can seamlessly change to other genre's of games without moving your steering wheel or pedals out of the way.

For you SIM racers, this new OBUTTO just can't be beat, the stability is amazing and everything is adjustable! We don’t charge for necessary items like a real car seat, articulating monitor stand, shifter mount, or even the keyboard/mouse tray....they are included!!

The steering wheel mount is pre-drilled for Logitech G25/27, Thrustmaster T500 RS, Fanatec 911 & CSR wheels, and is tilt, height & distance adjustable. We even throw in wire management for your wheel, and a 1.5mm thick neoprene cover to soften the interface between your wheel and the mount. If you use any other type of steering wheel, you can easily drill your own holes for hard mounting, or just clamp it to the steering wheel mount.

The pedal tray is distance adjustable up to over 20cm, and angle adjustable so you can obtain your preferred leg position. Furthermore, the pedal tray is pre-drilled for hard mounting Logitech G25/27, Thrustmaster T500 RS, and Fanatec Clubsport & CSR pedals! Included with every cockpit is 1.5mm thick neoprene cover to soften the interface between your pedals and the mount. If you use any other type of pedals then you can easily drill your own holes for hard mounting.

The distance & height adjustable shifter mount is a perfect fit for the Logitech G25/G27 & Thrustmaster T500 RS H-pattern shifter! It is VERY stable and can fit any H-pattern shifters that clamps to a desk. If it doesn't fit straight out of the box some easy mods can make it fit!


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Lastnik dober.sioToHabibiALFA uporabnik
Odgovorjeno: 03.06.12 22:53 

hehe kolk tang :)
kot da bi gledal en otroki park :D

Odgovorjeno: 04.06.12 20:20 

oto najprej sem mislu da si ti v videu :D :D

Lastnik dober.sioToHabibiALFA uporabnik
Odgovorjeno: 04.06.12 23:45 

mene je mal ve :D